Who are we?

A solid, interdisciplinary and highly professional team in which each one of its members contributes with his or her knowledge, to the structuring of social investment, engagement and communication strategies, based on the management of risks from the surroundings and impact measurement.

Social and Environmental Impact Assessment

Research and Strategic Communication

Stakeholder Engagement Management


Social Investment Impact Measurement

Risk Management



How does our methodology work?

Our methodological approach assures the due diligence, allows the business to orient its strategies to reduce risks, protect the investment and achieve the social license to operate and grow.

We understand how fundamental it is to communicate the social investment and measurement impact results, based on evidence and traceable information.  

Our distinguishing value
We are aligned to the PMI® best practices in traditional and agile project management....
Our Focus
We adhere to Project Management, Program & Portfolio Management and Risk Management PMI® best practices.
Intellectual Property
Our methodology is protected by copyright in Creative BarCode



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