• We are aligned to the PMI® best practices in traditional and agile project management.

  • Through our methodology, we are able to align the company´s surrounding management processes to international norms and standards of social and environmental performance.

  • We have PMP® certified project managers with more than 20 years of experience.

  • We are members of the IAIA (International Association for Impact Assessment).

  • We have done multiple  international conferences in countries such as Mexico, Chile, Brazil, USA, Peru and Costa Rica, in different congresses in which we bring ideas, experience and knowledge in matters such as:

  • In May 2018 we will be in the IAIA Congress, version 38, presenting two papers written by Edna Rodríguez and Andrea Moreno, which were selected in a global competition.

  • We have experience in resettlement management and have the capacity to provide all of the knowledge in benefit of the parts that intervene in this complex process.


  • Due diligence

  • Human Rights

  • Alignment to international standards (supra legal context)

  • Impact measurement

  • Strategic community engagement 

  • Management of risks from the surroundings


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